April Vacation Care Program coming Soon………

Attending Vacation Care is easy!

If you are a currently enrolled KT OOSH family then simply email the service you would like to attend and list the days you would like to book in for prior to the closure dates listed on each program to gain the Early Bird Rates.  Click here to view April 2019 Vacation Care Programs:

Rouse Hill Anglican College:   rhac@ktoosh.com.au

RHAC April 2019 VC Program

Ironbark Ridge Public School:  irps@ktoosh.com.au

IRPS April 2019 VC Program

Vacation Care Hours: Strictly 7:00am – 6:00pm with late fees accruing after 6:00pm.  If you are running late then please have the courtesy to contact the centre directly to ensure a staff member is able to stay after 6:00pm as this is not always possible.  Late fees apply at a rate of $15/five minute increments/child + a $7.50 non notification fee if the centre is not advised if absent for a confirmed/booked day.

RHAC: 0434 584 881 OR IRPS: 0428 021 652

Electronic Devises: Due to responses from our recent survey, privacy concerns and the concerns of children’s channels being hacked, all electronic devices including DS, smart phones, iPads etc will not be allowed at the centre going forward during Vacation Care.

Bookings: A lot of time and planning goes into Vacation Care and therefore last minute requests cannot always be accommodated due to mandatory staffing ratios, logistics or supply issues.

Breakfast: During Staff Development/Vacation Care Periods Breakfast is from 7:00am – 8:00am with morning tea at approximately 9:30am.

Children’s Daily Requirements: HATS, CLOSED in SHOES & Socks, JUMPER, DRINK BOTTLE & a Back Pack/Bag.  During the Holiday Period Electronics WILL NOT be allowed.