Childcare Educators

At KT OOSH Services we pride ourselves on our wonderful staff. We run extensive background checks and put our staff ‘though the hoops’ before they commence employment with the service.

KT OOSH Staff will always go that extra mile for our KT OOSH Families and we aim to never be an average team, but rather be an extraordinary team of Childcare Educators!

Office Staff

Rouse Hill Anglican College Staff

Miss Bethany - Nominated Supervisor

Miss Carina - Educational Leader

Miss Jasminder - Team Leader

Miss Caitlin X - J Block Team Leader

Miss Rebecca - Team Leader

Mr Josh - Year 1/2 Team Leader

Staff placeholder

Miss Isabel - Educator

Staff placeholder

Mr Andrew - Educator

Miss Emily - Educator

Staff placeholder

Mr Zach - Educator

Staff placeholder

Miss Courtney - Pre-K Team Leader

Staff placeholder

Miss Tiarne - Educator

Ironbark Ridge Primary School Staff

Miss Chloe - Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader

Miss Jess - Responsible Person

Miss Saacha - Kindy Team Leader

Miss Patience - Year 1 Team Leader

Miss Olivia - Year 1 Team Leader

Miss Shahla - Year 2 Team leader

Miss Callista - Year 4 Team Leader

Miss Natasha - Year 3 Team Leader

Miss Angel - Year 5/6 Team Leader

Miss Aina - Educator

Miss Ashleigh - Educator

Mr Austin - Educator

Miss Breeanna - Educator

Miss Brooke - Educator

Mr Chang - Educator

Mr Eddy - Educator

Miss Jasmin - Educator

Miss Jasmine - Educator

Miss Jess - Educator

Miss Kitty - Educator

Miss Liz - Educator

Miss Samantha - Educator

Mr Alex - Junior Educator

Miss Isabel - Junior Educator

Miss Taliah - Junior Educator

Miss Tara - Junior Eductaor

Miss Valentina - Junior Educator