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Ironbark Ridge Public School

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Rouse Hill Anglican College

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Company Statement of Philosophy

Our statement of philosophy describes the company’s values, beliefs and understandings about children, families, the role of educators and the ways children learn.  Our philosophy is included in our information booklet and shared with families together as well as part of our induction process for all Educators who join our team.

KT OOSH Services strives to provide reliable, cost effective Out of School Hours care that is accessible to all families within the community, by maintaining the highest quality standards of service in a welcoming and stimulating environment, that supplements children’s formal schooling.

At the beginning of each year Educators, families and the Community participate in developing and reviewing this Philosophy, utlising the My Time Our Place and the Early Learning Years (RHAC) frameworks to support and guide pedagogy and decision making.

At KTOOSH we are committed to providing a quality, fun, play based program that allows children to choose how their time will be spent whilst at the Service. We recognise the importance of each child’s experiences and the knowledge that they have acquired prior to attending our service.  Each child is treated with respect and valued as a unique individual, at the same time recognising the significance of children engaging in meaningful experiences to facilitate their learning and development.

Building connections, between home, the Centre and the community develops a sense of belonging and enhances self-worth, which increases self-esteem.  We offer structured activities and child directed play opportunities for children to explore, experiment and engage with each other and the wider community.

We also recognise the significance of family culture and community on every child’s sense of belonging. We encourage children and parents to be actively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program so that cultural diversity is reflected within activities and experiences at the service.  Parents, families and the community are also important in ensuring children develop a strong sense of identity and respect for others.  We acknowledge and respect the bond that Australian and Torres Straight people have with this land.

KT OOSH Services understands and caters for the developmental differences and similarities of children aged 3 -12 years. Children are shaped by many experiences and therefore we encourage all children to support one another and build upon one another’s skills and knowledge bases. Our everyday experiences and routines provide opportunities for children to become active members of society and are aimed to develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing.  It is vital that we support the development of positive mental health to assist the wellbeing of every child, by offering a supportive confidence building atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social growth.