About KT OOSH Services

KT OOSH Services has grown from caring for 5 children per day in 2005 to over 400 children per day currently.  Our staff are put through a thorough induction process to ensure they can accommodate the needs of each child in our services as well as appropriate checks through NSW Children’s Services being conducted. Our educators are professional and hold current qualifications in various fields such certifications and diplomas in Children’s Services, Disabilities, Behavioural Management, First Aid/Anaphylactic and Asthma, WHS and more.

KT OOSH Services has detailed policies and procedures to cover all Quality Areas and can be viewed at any of our locations in the sign in area.

KT OOSH Services was established in April 2005 and operated from Ironbark Ridge Public School with 5 children. This service has continued to grow with the school and continues to operated on site.  Two additional services have since been established at Rouse Hill Anglican College in October 2008 and Our Lady of the Angels Primary School in January 2010.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our website and we look forward to meeting you.

KT OOSH Management