Social Distancing

Drop Off/Pick Ups – In effort to comply with the 1.5m social distance recommendation, Sign In/Out areas are as close as practical to the entrances of our centres.  An Educator will be in that area to call your child/ren on the walkie talkie.  It is important that we continue to follow our Policy to wash hands on arrival and departure of the centre.  Please note a bottle of hand sanitisier is located near the iPad for your use.  We will also continue to wipe down the iPad with Germex during the session.

Children’s hand washing – Children are directed to wait their turn and wash their hands individually to avoid any crowding in the bathroom areas.  We will also be supporting the same practices within the school.

Afternoon tea – To avoid crowding around food areas we will continue to offer the children packaged foods that they can open themselves.  As you can appreciate we are having difficulties with stock levels due to the quantity restrictions but are working closely with Coles and other suppliers to overcome this.  So far so good….

AM & PM Year Group Meetings – When children arrive/depart from KT OOSH the year group meeting have been cancelled.  Children instead separated into their roll year groups to be signed in/out.  Throughout all sessions we have eliminated group/assembly type gatherings.

Play/Activity Programming – KT OOSH have temporarily removed any sensory type activities from the program such as play dough, slime and cooking.  All resources/equipment are also being constantly cleaned throughout all sessions.