How is my gap fee removed

Once advised by the department we had the option to waive the gap fee for our families not attending the services we made the decision that this is what we would do to assist during these challenging times.

This came into effect week commencing Monday 19th July, 2021.

We will continue to send statements of entitlements fortnightly whether you have fees owing or not so you can keep up to date where your account is at this includes any non notification charges.

On the transaction pages towards the back of your statement of entitlement you will see your gap fees charged per day whoever you will also see a line item dated the Monday following the previous week with the weekly gap fee is reversed back per child per AM or PM session.  The transaction description will be “COVID 19 Waiving Fee 21_22”.  This is the only way we have been authorised by the department to reverse the gap fee.