Fees Paid for care past 6th April 2020

All deductions last week for care effective Monday 6th April 2020 onward will be credited back to your accounts.

If your account was up to date prior to the deduction on Wednesday 1st April 2020 then this amount will be reflected as a credit on your account.

If there has been any Centrelink adjustments been made Wednesday 1st April 2020 or you had money owing on your account then the credit placed back on your account will go towards the outstanding debt first and the remainder appearing as a credit on your account.

Credits will remain on accounts to go towards future fees when school returns to normal unless you have cancelled and closed your account in full with KT OOSH Services.

All families will receive their fortnightly statement of entitlement next week as normal showing where their accounts are up to so you are aware of your account balance.  Please refer to the back transaction pages for detailed reference should you need clarity on your account balance.