Changes to Childcare Fees and Enrolment Positions

Firstly a huge thank you to the families that are helping to “flatten the curve” by keeping their children at home.  We ask that for Term 2 you continue to do this to help “keep that curve flatten” unless we are instructed otherwise by NSW Health.

Whether you attend KT OOSH or not during Term 2, your permanent days/sessions will remain secure and no Child Care Fee will apply for both attendees and non attendees.

Effective from Monday 6th April 2020 child care fees have been removed and not payable for all current families with a permanent/confirmed placement for either BSC, ASC & Vacation Care.  If you are still enrolled with the service and maintaining your permanent schedule then childcare fees will not be payable up to and including 28th June 2020 at this point.

For any families that moved their permanent bookings to casual the government has allowed us to make these families a priority so you can email us to advise you would like to move back onto your previous schedule noting the days/sessions you would like to re-instate.  Any family Bonds deducted also due to moving to casual will be credited back to your account.  Please, do not ask to have your previous bookings re-instated if you will not be needing them when school resumes to normal. Be mindful of families that desperately need care.

Please Note: Additional days/sessions will not be approved unless you meet the “Priority of Access Centre Policy” and will be using the service Term 2 2020 as we are now working on reduced staffing numbers and must maintain our educator:child ratios as well as ensure adequate space is available for distancing measures where practical.  All wait-list parents will be contacted and assessed over the coming month to advise of placement or movement within the wait-list.

Please note in line with the waiving of childcare fees for the families your absences will not come into play as no fees are currently payable.

In Point Form:

  • No Childcare Fees payable for Term 2 2020 (at this point)
  • The allowable absent count has now been raised to 62 allowable absences however anything past 62 up to and including 30th June 2020 will be covered and noted as additional allowable absences due to the COVID-19 Virus situation.
  • If you have cancelled or moved to a casual placement and do require your days/sessions back when school returns to normal then email your centre email to advise.
  • All children will be marked absent for each scheduled/permanent session Term 2 2020 unless you can attend under the “Priority of Access Centre Policy” attached.
  • If you have been utilising the service over the past two weeks then your child/ren may continue utilising the service and we will be in contact to determine your attendance requirements for Term 2 2020.
  • Additional attendance requests will be considered based on the “Priority of Access Centre Policy”, the ability to maintain educator:child ratios, space available in each centre to maintain distancing measures where practical.
  • To assist families with all the confusion over the past three weeks, all Non Notification charges have been waived since Monday 23rd March 2020 however for families that will continue to attend under the “Priority of Access Centre Policy” non notification fees will apply from the commencement of Term 2 2020 if your child is marked as attending but does not attend and they have not been marked absent via your “My Family Lounge” app on your smartphone.