Fees and Charges

Currently as schools are open and operational then KT OOSH Services is required to be open and remain operational whilst continuing to follow the current CCS Entitlement guidelines and the centre Policy and Procedures.

This being the case the two weeks notification period would apply if you wish to cancel any permanent care.  The Casual  Care and Last Minute Care policy will remain as is also that once booked is payable regardless of attendance.  Staffing, catering and programming has already been taken into consideration for the child/rens attendance.

Please note that future placements cannot be guaranteed once cancelled as they are dependent on centres current wait lists which is based on availability at the time of the request.

In the event that KT OOSH Services is forced to shut down for reasons out of their control then all child care fees from that date until reopening will not be charged.


Absences: As per the current CCS entitlement payments, it states that Centrelink will only pay CCS Entitlements up to and including a child’s last physical attendance and any absences after this point will not be entitled to CCS benefits.  If you mark the children absent you will still receive your CCS entitlements provided there is not a gap of 8 or more weeks from their last date/session of attendance until their next one.  Please note each session is classed separately ie BSC and ASC.  I have re-checked this with the applicable government body this week and this rule is not being waived due to the COVID-19 virus.  Please refer to the Absences post in this news on how to ensure your child is marked absent correctly or take the opportunity to beat the madness at school drop off since the booking still applies.