Cold Weather Routines

KT OOSH routines have been adjusted slightly to incorporate the cooler weather during the approaching winter months. The routines will include increased opportunity for indoor play and we will also be adopting a ‘No jacket, no outside play policy’.

This policy will be enforced at the discretion of the KT OOSH Staff. If the weather is really cold Staff may request children put their jackets on upon arrival at the service in the afternoons. Parents should ensure children arrive to the service in the mornings dressed appropriately for the cooler weather. If the weather isn’t too cold staff may request ‘jackets on’ at 4:30pm / 5pm. Children do need to take responsibility to ensure they have jackets on or in their bags and not left in their classrooms in the afternoons.

If you wish for KT OOOSH Staff to allow your child to play outside regardless of the weather and WITHOUT a jacket / jumper on you will need to send a short email to to advise staff. The letter will need to state that ‘I ____ give authority for KT OOSH Staff to allow my child _____ to play outside without a jacket on regardless of the weather’. We will need to place this letter in your child’s file.

If we do not have a letter in your child’s file, Staff will be following the ‘No jacket, No outside play policy’.

If you have any questions regarding this please email us.