Changes to KT OOSH Procedures

Over the next few weeks we have a couple of important changes happening at KT OOSH. You will need to keep an eye out for at least two or three KT OOSH Newsletters that will be emailed out. We can not stress enough how important it is that your are informed regarding these changes.

Basically – One newsletter will be related to having a contact number specific for each service that you can text all absences too that number.

Another newsletter will contain information relating to KT OOSH offering a Direct Debit payment option to make paying fees easier.

Please keep your eye out so these new processes can be implemented without confusion.

Kate & Tracey.

July Holiday Programs!

The July 2013 school holiday programs are now open for bookings! The following information relates to the KT OOSH school holiday operating hours.

KT OOSH @ Ironbark Ridge Primary School The July School holiday program will be operating from Monday 1st July up to and including Monday 15th July 2013. * Children return to school on Tuesday 16th July 2013

KT OOSH @ Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School Will be closed from 6pm on Friday 28th June 2013 and re-open on Monday 15th July 2013

KT OOSH @ Rouse Hill Anglican College The June / July School holiday program will be operating from Monday 24th June up to and including Friday 12th July 2013. * Children return to school on Monday 15th July 2013

Simply send an email to if you wish to book your child into care. Remember to include your child’s name and days you wish to send them. We will email back a confirmation followed up a handy fridge note of reminders and a detailed email of what is offered / need to bring to KT OOSH Vacation care

Click here to access the programs for July 2013.

June_July 2013 RHAC Program

July 2013 IBPS Program

Active After School Care Program

The AASC sports program has been operating from Ironbark Ridge PS and Rouse Hill Anglican College throughout Term 2, 2013. The sports / coaches we have arranged for the children to participate in are:

Ironbark Ridge PS 

Tuesday Afternoons: Taekwondo

Thursday Afternoons: Zumba

Rouse Hill Anglican College

Thursday Afternoons: Taekwondo

Friday Afternoons: Gymnastics / Aerobics

Each week the activities run for one hour (Approx 4/4:15 – 5/5:15pm). Children are encouraged to join in these sporting activities. Not only is it good for their health and wellbeing but it also introduces the children to different sporting activities that they actually may enjoy and wish to continue or pursue outside of ASC.

Quiet activities such as reading or writing activities are offered as an alternative for children who are unable to participate.

Children should bring a change of sports clothes / sneakers to change into when they arrive at ASC or wear their uniforms if they feel comfortable enough to participate. (A change of clothes is often more appreciated by girls wearing dresses and tights)

Parents need to ensure they have completed a permission note for children to join in with the sports. * You may have completed one last year, this is fine. We only need one on file. The AASC form can be downloaded from the link below.

AASC Permission Form


Notification Procedures @ KT OOSH for Absent days

Just a reminder to parents that KT OOSH requires you to directly notify the service if your child is going to be able from a previously confirmed session. There is a $5 non notification fee per child for failing to notify KT OOSH directly of absences prior to the session commencing.

It is very distressing to staff when we are unable to locate a child who is expected to be at After school care. When a child does not arrive at the service you will be sent a text message to confirm your child’s whereabouts. We have found that it is often quicker to send a brief text to parents rather then a phone call (especially if you are trying to locate several children at the one time).

How to notify KT OOSH if your child is absent from a confirmed session:

The best way to inform KT OOSH that your child is absent is to send a short text message to Kate 0412 019 363 or Tracey 0412 878 145. You will always get a reply text to confirm your message was received. If you do have advance notice of an absense IE a holiday, then an email would also be suitable.

Please note that a simple text message to Kate or Tracey is the best way to book casual care at late notice. An email is also acceptable if you have advance notice.

Pupil Free days & Public Holiday Fees

This post is to clarify the KT OOSH Policies relating to Pupil free days and Public holidays at KT OOSH Services.

Public Holidays

According to KT OOSH Services Policies normal before and after school care fees are NOT PAYABLE on Public holidays that fall within the school holidays. The school holidays are determined based on the NSW schools calendar.

If a public holiday falls within the school term weeks then normal before and after school care fees ARE PAYABLE.

Pupil Free Days

Normal Before & After school care fees are NOT PAYABLE during school holidays or on pupil free days. These days are determined as per the NSW Schools calendar.

However, please note that if an individual school changes their pupil free day / school holiday day / teachers strike day to fall outside of the NSW Schools Calender then normal before and after school sessions are still payable.

If you require further clarification on this please email us.