IMPORTANT!! Changes to Permanent & Casual Care PLUS new Emergency Care

Effective from Monday 8th Sept 2014, KT OOSH Services has made changes to Permanent & Casual Care PLUS introduced Emergency Care.  These changes and the introduction of Emergency Care is to encourage parents to supply as much notice as possible for absences and unscheduled care due to our centre numbers increasing and being close to capacity in some cases.  Below are definitions of the four different types of care we will be supplying effective from 8th September 2014.

Permanent Care:

This type of care is based on a regular booking.  Permanent Care is a regular booking that occurs weekly or fortnightly and attracts permanent rates (See Fee Policies).

Changes can be made to Permanent Care bookings provided two weeks notice in writing is supplied to Head Office.  Two weeks notice in writing also applies for any Cancellation of care.

All changes to Permanent Care are to be emailed to your appropriate KT OOSH Services email address: – Rouse Hill Anglican College – Blacktown North Public School

All requests for Permanent Care to be either changed or cancelled will be confirmed by Head Office via email.  Once confirmation of a change or cancellation is confirmed by Head Office via email then fees are payable regardless of attendance or not for the set period as outlined in the email.

Please Note new change to Permanent Care:

Permanent Care cannot be cancelled for one off sessions even if two weeks notice is provided.  Should you be taking holidays of 6 or more days then provided two weeks notice is supplied in writing to Head Office then your sessions for the required period may be removed.

Changes to Permanent Care WILL NOT be excepted in person at the centre or via text.  Changes MUST be emailed to Head Office.

Casual Care:

This type of care is based on an irregular booking that is made more than 24hrs in advance.  An irregular booking may occur for a one off sessions or a set block period for a couple of weeks due to other commitments, grandparents going away, work meetings scheduled etc.  Casual Care attracts a higher rate (See Fee Policies).

All Casual Care requests are to be emailed to your appropriate KT OOSH Services email address: – Rouse Hill Anglican College – Blacktown North Public School
Once Casual Care bookings are confirmed by Head Office via email then fees will be payable regardless of attendance or not as outlined in the confirmation email.
Emergency Care:

Emergency care is classed as any bookings made 24 hours prior to the requested care being provided.  i.e. less than 24hrs notice.

Emergency Care may be utilised when plans fall through or as it states, an emergency occurs and you are unable to collect your child.  Emergency Care attracts a higher rate to Permanent Care and Casual Care (See Fee Policies).

All Emergency Care requests are to be TEXT directly through to the appropriate OOSH Service Centre Mobile:

Rouse Hill Anglican College – 0434 584 881
Blacktown North Public School – 0428 062 338
Once Emergency Care is confirmed by the centre via text message then fees will be payable regardless of attendance or not.

Please note:  The Centre Mobiles are only monitored during OOSH operating hours and bookings will only be confirmed during these times (6:45am-8:45am / 3pm-6pm on school days).  If a text is sent outside the centre’s operational hours then a reply will be sent as soon as the next session commences.


2015 Re-Enrolments – RHAC & BNPS

RHAC & BNPS Services Re-enrolments for 2015 will commence from tomorrow Monday 8th September 2014.

This is how the RE-Enrolling process will work:

Step 1:

You will need to go to our website click on the forms tab and download, print and complete the 2015 Re-Enrolment Form OR click on the Re-Enrolment link below.  If you download this form to your desktop you can partially complete it on your computer.

2015 Re Enrolment Form V1.3

Step 2:

If you child is Asthmatic, Anaphylaxis or has an Allergic Reaction then you need to download the appropriate action plan from the forms tab on our website  (No other versions of these forms will be excepted) and they MUST be completed and signed by a medical practitioner OR click on the correct links below.  This is an annual requirement.

Asthma Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Action Plan – EpiPen

Anaphylaxis Action Plan – Anapen

Allergic Reactions Action Plan

Step 3:

Confirm and complete the family contact and information sheet at the service.  You can gain this by asking an educator on site for your copy.  All details must be correct and any missing information must be supplied.

Step 4:

Once the contact information sheet is completed and correct then this is to be handed back in with the re-enrolment form and any plans or additional paperwork directly to the centre.

Step 5:

All information will be checked and processed by Head Office who will send a confirmation email advising that your re-enrolment is complete and your 2015 position is secure for 2015.

IMPORTANT: Re-Enrolments for 2015 will be accepted up until the End of Term 3, 2014 ONLY.  If you have not completed and handed in a 2015 Re-Enrolment Form by 1st October 2014 then we will assume you will not be requiring care in 2015 and your account will be automatically closed as of 31st Dec 2014 and your position will be given to the next family on the waiting list. All New family enrolments will be accepted from the beginning of Term 4, 2014.  Siblings wishing to enrol for 2015 may do so by using the 2015 Enrolment form on the website.


Fee Increase Effective 8th Sept 2014

Due to increased operating costs there will be a fee increase as per below.

Effective from Monday 8th September 2014 KT OOSH fees for families attending our RHAC service will be:

Morning care (6:45am- 8:45am) will be $18.00 per child.

Afternoon care (3:30pm-6:30pm) will be $20.00 per child.

Casual Care (Morning or Afternoon) will be $25.00 per child.

Emergency Care * Less then 24hrs notice (Morning or Afternoon) will be $28.00 per child.

Vacation care (7:00am-6:00pm) will be $52.00 per child.

If you have any questions please email

Casual & Emergency Care @ KTOOSH

Effective from Monday 1st Sept 2014, KT OOSH Services have introduced an emergency care option. Any care that is requested whereby the service is provided under 24hrs notice will be deemed as emergency care.

Casual care sessions will still be available every session. To book casual care you need to email your request through to or

Of course we understand that things pop up in emergencies however we would like to encourage as much notice as possible to book casual care via email.

AASC Program in Term 2, 2014

This Term we have chosen the following two sports for the children to participate in during our AASC Program; Darts and Bowling. 

For Term 2, 2014 we will be using Qualified In-House Coaches to work with the children during our 2hrs a week AASC Program. We feel that this may be successful as KT OOSH already have a relationship with the children at the service.

The AASC Program will be held on Thursday and Fridays this term, between 4-5pm.

If you collect your child during this time we may not be in the KTOOSH Room, but rather the Gym or Oval. Please check the signs on the KTOOSH Door to locate your child for collection during AASC Programming sessions.

Any questions, please email


KT OOSH @ OLA World Vision Sponsor Child

KT OOSH OLA have joined with World Vision and are part of the Child Sponsorship Program! We have sponsored a little boy and his name is Erik. He is 8 years old and lives in Tanzania.

A photo of Erik is on display at the service along with our KT OOSH Tally Chart. Everyday KT OOSH Children have the opportunity to earn KT OOSH ‘money’ (in the form of a sticker) to go towards our tally chart. KT OOSH money earned goes towards purchasing additional gifts for Erik and his Community.  Examples of these could be A Fish Farm $27, Fruit Trees $35, Tools for Farmers $72, Immunisation $25 and many more items.

The Children choose together what gifts they would like to work towards to give to Erik and his community. They earn KT OOSH ‘Stickers’ for our tally chart by striving to be the best KT OOSH member they can be. They may help a friend, be kind to one another, share with someone, play with someone who may be feeling a little sad and many more ways!

Please feel free to view our tally chart and how we are tracking to reach our gift targets. We have been talking to the children about helping our wider community and if you can, take some time out to speak to your child about Erik and the way we will be helping him and his community.

If you would like to make a monetary donation towards purchasing gifts for our Sponsor Child and his Community please see staff at the service for assistance.

New KT OOSH Service @ Blacktown North PS

We would like to announce and welcome a new KT OOSH Services to our KT OOSH Family! Commencing from Term 1, 2014 KT OOSH Services will be operating Before and After School Care at Blacktown North Primary School.

We are very excited to be joining the school community and have already met many friendly teachers, parents and children, whom we are looking forward to working with.

All Parents who attend KT OOSH @ Blacktown North Public School can contact the service through the following means;


BNPS OOSH phone: 0428 062 338

KT OOSH Office (02) 8814 7610

A warm welcome to all new families joining KT OOSH @ BNPS and if you have any questions or queries please contact us.