April Vacation Care

April 2015 Programs available below:

Apr 2015 RHAC Program          IRPS April 2015 VC Program

KT OOSH Services offer Vacation Care at two locations being Rouse Hill Anglican College and Ironbark Ridge Primary School during each school holidays. Vacation Care operates on site from 7am – 6pm during the school holidays. A variety of activities are offered plus excursions and incursions. We are always looking for new ideas for activities and excursions during the holidays so if you have been anywhere that you think our KT OOSH Children would love to visit then please email us!

How to book in for Vacation Care:

For children already currently enrolled with KT OOSH Services parents simply need to view the Vacation Care program on line and email the appropriate service below with a list of days you wish your child/ren to attend.  Please ensure you have submitted your booking prior to the close off date.  All bookings requested after the nominated close off date will be classed as a casual vacation care booking and will be charged at the casual vacation care rate being an additional $10.00/session/child that is requested.

rhac@ktoosh.com.au  OR  irps@ktoosh.com.au

If your child/ren are not currently enrolled with KT OOSH Services you need to first follow the HOW TO ENROL steps on the website and then provide the service with an email requesting vacation care days.