School Holiday Program

The April School Holiday programs for IBRPS and RHAC are now available. We would love your feedback and ideas regarding our future programs.  Would you like to see more excursions? Less excursions? Incursions? Feedback will help us develop programs to best meet the needs of our families.

The program is now available to view on our website

Tutoring at KT OOSH during ASC

KT OOSH have been thinking about offering tutoring for children attending the service in the afternoons. We have a number of (past and present) staff who are very qualified in this area and we are thinking of using their skills to offer one on one tutoring to children who may need a little extra help with learning.

At this stage we are thinking of offering tutoring in half hour blocks and possibly working with your child’s teacher to gain an idea of the child’s learning needs. Tutoring may involve reading with your child, writing skills, math’s help, or specific subjects and will be offered in a separate quiet space. This tutoring will be an additional charge to your daily care and be applied with your monthly fee invoice.  Fees for tutoring are yet to be determined; however no CCB will apply.

If you are interesting in having your child tutored whilst at KT OOSH please email your expression of interest (and what subject your child may require additional help in) to

We will let everyone know if we can get this up and running for Term 3, 2015

Health Information: Measles alert: get protected – be vaccinated today

NSW Health is urging anyone born during or after 1966 to check they have received 2 doses of measles vaccine as an outbreak continues in Sydney. Children should receive two doses of vaccine, one at 12 months and a booster at 4 years. While the outbreak has largely been occurring in South Western and Western Sydney, there have been cases in other areas.

More than 50 cases of measles have been notified since April including 14 cases reported in infants less than 1 year of age. More cases of measles continue to be reported each week, so health experts are asking people to check they have been vaccinated and be aware of the symptoms.

Measles is very infectious and symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Sore eyes
  • Cough
  • Followed a few days later by a rash.

People with these symptoms should see a doctor, but phone ahead to ensure they are isolated upon their arrival. People who get measles can experience serious complications and 1 in every 4-5 people infected will require hospitalization. Immunization is very effective in preventing the disease in the individual and ensuring the individual does not infect vulnerable family members, including babies.

Speak to your doctor today if you are not sure if you or your children have been fully vaccinated with two doses of the measles vaccine. Anyone born during or after 1966 should have two doses of vaccine.

If you have other questions, please call your local Public Health Unit. See contact details at:

Child Car restraint and Safety information

As the warmer weather starts to approach, please remember it is not acceptable to leave a child unattended in a car even for a split second.  To ignore this means that you are breaking the law and punishable under the child protection act.

According to the NSW RTA website here is some helpful information regarding some frequently asked questions when it comes to child car seat restraints….

What are the new laws in regards to child restraints?

All children under seven years of age must be secured in a child restraint or booster seat when traveling in a vehicle. The new child restraint laws in NSW are based on national model legislation.

Babies up to six months of age must be restrained in a rearward facing restraint.

Children from six months to under four years of age must be restrained in a rearward facing or forward facing restraint. Children under four years of age must not be in the front row of a vehicle with two or more rows.

From four years to under seven years of age a forward facing restraint or booster seat must be used. Children from four to under seven years of age can only sit in the front row of a vehicle with two or more rows when all other seats are occupied by children of a lesser age in an approved child restraint.

The ages specified above are a guide for the safety of your child. If your child is too small for a restraint specified for their age, they should be kept in their current restraint for as long as necessary.

If your child is too large for a restraint specified for their age, they may move to the next level of restraint.

Can my child sit in the front seat?

This depends on whether there is more than one row of seats in the car and the age of the child.

Where there are two or more rows of seats:

  • A child under four years of age cannot sit in the front row of a car if there is more than one row of seats, even if they are large enough to fit in a booster seat.
  • A child between four years of age and under seven years of age cannot sit in the front row of a vehicle that has more than one row of seats unless the other rows are occupied by younger children in an approved child restraint.

Note: you can only fit a booster seat in the front row of a vehicle if that booster seat does not require a top tether strap.

If the car has one row of seats (for example a single cab ute or sports car with a front anchorage point) a child of any age can sit in the front seat provided they are properly restrained. However, most car manufacturers recommend against the use of rearward facing restraints in front passenger seats.

A child in a rearward facing restraint should not be placed in the front seat of a vehicle where there is an air bag.

What if my child is too small or too large for the type of restraint specified for my child’s age?

If a child is too small for a restraint specified for their age, they should be kept in a previous level of restraint for as long as necessary.

If a child is too large for a restraint specified for their age, they may move to the next level of restraint.

A child aged between six months and four years of age will need to move to the next level of restraint when:

  • Their shoulders no longer fit comfortably within the restraint; or
  • Their eye-level is higher than the back of the restraint; or
  • The top insertion slots for the shoulder straps are below the level of the child’s shoulders.

A child aged between four and seven years of age will need to move to the next level of restraint if:

  • Their shoulders no longer fit comfortably within the restraint; or
  • Their eye-level is higher than the back of the booster seat (when measured perpendicularly from the seat back).

Children should remain in a child restraint for as long as physically possible.

4 years – 7 years
Approved forward-facing restraint or booster seat

Re-Enrolments and Sibling Enrolments for KT OOSH in 2013

Now is the time to complete a re-enrolment form for your child to attend KT OOSH in 2013. The 2013 forms are now available on line. Click here to download  2013 Enrolment Form. The enrolments being processed first are the 2013 RE-enrolment forms AND any new siblings of those children currently enrolled.

KT OOSH are accepting enrollments a little differently this year to make the process easier and give parents relevant information regarding the service and avoid any confusion regarding KT OOSH operations.

We will be conducting re-enrolments at each school the last week of Term so please put the following days aside to book in for an enrolment interview to avoid disappointment.

IBRPS             –           Mon 17th & Tues 18th September 2012

RHAC             –           Thurs 20th & Fri 21st September 2012

OLA                 –           Wed 19th September 2012

From next Monday 3rd September there will be a re-enrolment time slot spreadsheet on site at each service for your convenience so you can select a day and time that hopefully works in with you.  Unfortunately there will be parents that do not get their selected timeslot as it will be a first in best dressed booking basis.  Due to the large volume of families involved in this process, it is essential that these booking are only made directly through each service.  Text and email requests will not be accepted.

We will have three staff members on site at each service specifically to cater for the re-enrolments which will be collected, checked and discussed to ensure all parents are up to date with KT OOSH policies and procedures.  Please ensure ALL sections and details are completed on the re-enrolment forms to avoid delaying acceptance of your re-enrolment due to missing information etc.

Over the years we have found that informing all guardians of exactly what KT OOSH offer and what is expected of all persons involved with KT OOSH makes the whole service operate smoothly.

Commencing next week, 2013 enrolment forms will be sent to all current KT OOSH families which you will need to print, complete and bring with you to your allocated time slot in the last week of the Term so you can secure your 2013 positions.

DO NOT FORGET to make a re-enrolment booking with the service next week.

If you do not make a re-enrolment booking to hand in your 2013 forms then we will assume you do not require care in 2013 of which you must advise the service of the termination date so your bond can be refunded accordingly.  Any positions still available at the end of Term 3 will immediately become available to all new families wishing to join the service next year.

Due to regulations we are absolutely unable to accept any child into our care in 2013 without a correctly completed updated form in their file.

Casual Care

If you require care or are not attending a previously booked session then you need to email and advise us accordingly. Should the change be required within a 24 hour period then a text is required to ensure it can be updated within a timely manner. Some days we understand it is not possible to always give advanced notice and we do cater for emergencies however the more notice you can give, the better. This information is then forwarded on to our carers prior to the session commencing to ensure the sign in procedure runs smoothly.

Contact details are as follows:
Within a 24 hour period:

IBRPS – Kate 0412 019 363
RHAC – Tracey 0412 878 145
OLA – Tracey 0412 878 145 or Kate 0412 019 363

Car Parking @ Ironbark Ridge PS

When collecting your children from KT OOSH Services we ask that you please park out the front of the school on the street (obeying parking signs) as instructed by the school.  Please do not park in the tradesman’s entrance at the school, even if the gate is open. This is an OH&S regulation that the school must adhere to and therefore KT OOSH supports.

AASC (Active After School Communities) Program for RHAC and IBRPS

Due to the success of our Active After Schools program in 2012, we will be continuing with the program in 2013. So far the program has been really successful and we have been getting positive feedback from our families. Please ensure that if your child is attending on one of the afternoons that these activities are being held, that they have the appropriate attire packed in their school bag including sneakers and for girls – shorts as an alternative to the school dress.

In Term 1, 2013 (starting from Week 3) we have hired coaches for the following days / sports:

  • RHAC Monday – AFL (K-2 4pm to 4:30pm, 3-6 4:30pm to 5pm),
  • RHAC Thursday – Zumbatomic
  • IBRPS Tuesday – AFL
  • IBRPS Wednesday – Aerobics/Gymnastics

It isn’t too late to get your child involved in this program. If you haven’t already completed a permission form to participate then go to click on the enrollments page then download and print the Active after School Permission form, then return completed to the centre. Please note that if you have already completed a permission form you do NOT need to do another one. If your child is collected early, they can still participate for the time they are there.