Picking up & Dropping off Children at KT OOSH

Just a friendly reminder that all parents are asked to park out the front of the school (obeying all road signs) and enter / exit the school via the front school gate. In accordance with WH&S policies parents are not permitted to park in the tradesman’s entrance and are not to walk children through this area either.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding regarding this matter.

Absent from KT OOSH

Just a reminder for parents to please send a text message to the OOSH Phone when your child is going to be absent from a confirmed session at KT OOSH. This includes if your child is absent from morning care too.

Non notification fees will apply if we are not notified of absences.

Menu Changes

After a review of our menu we have decided to update the following items in accordance with guidelines from Nutrition Australia.

We will be offering wholemeal bread and have removed the high sugar cereals from our breakfast menu. We currently offer cut up fruit and vegetables every afternoon, however we are going to trial a few new fruits and vegetables. For example snow peas, cherry tomatoes, watermelon etc (depending on the season). We will speak to the children everyday and will adjust depending feedback we receive.

We will also be offering afternoon tea snacks of cheese dip and crackers on various days an will include the odd ‘treat day’ depending on requests and feedback from the children. A menu will be placed up at the sign in area commencing from Mon 29th Feb for everyone to review.

If you have any nutritional snack ideas or input we would love to hear them! Please email us at feedback@ktoosh.com.au