Absent Notification for all booked sessions

If you have a permanent or confirmed casual/emergency position and you are aware your child will be absent then it is essential to advise the centre of the child’s absence before the completion of the AM Session or prior to the PM Session commencing.  This is not to only ensure we have marked them correctly but it is for the safety and well being of the child.

The RHAC OOSH Mobile for texting absences is 0434 584 881.  Acknowledgement of your advise will be sent back to you.

If a child is absent from an Am or PM booked session then you will be sent a text stating they have not arrived and a $7.50 non notification/child will be charged to your account.  It is your responsibility to acknowledge the text and reply so we know your child is safe.

When dropping your child at the centre of a morning, please ensure an educator acknowledges that your child has arrived otherwise please ensure you let them know by way of a wave or gesture.

My Family Lounge – KT OOSH online Observation & Programming system

My Family Lounge has been operational now since Term 4 2015 and we are receiving great feedback from our parents.  Educators are doing a fantastic job capturing your children enjoying there Morning/Afternoons and Vacation Care sessions at KT OOSH.  You can view both your child’s, photos and program journals showing the activities that were offered each session along with individual educator observations.  Program journals are created on a daily basis for K-2 & 3-6 so there is new information up there daily about your children.

Currently the host of My Family Lounge is working on a Mobile App version which should be available in the near future.  It is best to view via a computer for the time being.

For our new 2016 families:

Educators are doing their best to get through all our new students and once they have captured a minimum of two observations per child you will be emailed login information (individual Usernames and Passwords) directly from the online program host.  With your unique login you will only be able to access your child’s observation, daily program journals and that of any group activities they maybe involved with.  All child observations and specific information are confidential and can only be viewed by another family if another child’s name appears on the same observation.  You will be able to log on to see photos we have uploaded of your children at KT OOSH, that of their friendship groups and programming for each session.  This is a fantastic system and we hope it will assist our families with having a closer connection with the daily running of our centre and an insight into what their children are doing at KT OOSH.

Please be aware this is a private system and only currently enrolled KT OOSH parents with Usernames and Passwords will be able to access this site.  Once a family closes their account with KT OOSH they will no longer have access to the online My Family Lounge system.

We would love to hear your feedback about the system so please take a moment and tell us your thoughts by emailing feedback@ktoosh.com.au

Staff Development Day Thursday 24th March 2016

Thursday the 24th March 2016 is a Staff Development Day at Rouse Hill Anglican College and therefore there will be no Before or After School Care available this day.  This is the day before Good Friday…….

Care will be provided from 7:00am – 6:00pm on this day with a variety of programmed and free play activities if there is enough demand from the KT OOSH community.  If you are requiring care for this day and have not already requested it, then please email rhac@ktoosh.com.au to secure a spot.  A final decision as to whether or not full day care will operate on this day will be decided early next week.

NOTE:  As this staff development day does not fall as per the normal NSW school term calendar then Before and After School Care fees remain payable as per our fees policy.  HOWEVER, should you utilise the staff development day care provided then your before and/or after school care fees will be waived and replaced with holiday care rates.


Contagious diseases to look out for

Please be aware that there are currently two infectious diseases effecting children in our local community, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) & Impetigo (School Sores).

Attached are information sheets that outline symptoms and treatment of these diseases.  Should your child show any symptoms, please take them straight to a doctor for assessment.  This is for the safety of not only your child but other children that attend the school and service.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact Sheet

Impetigo Information Sheet

As per our policies and a condition of enrolment, KT OOSH Services must be advised if any child contracts a contagious illness immediately after diagnosis.

Kind Regards,


Tracey Kelly


0412 878 145

Changes to KT OOSH Menu

Click here to view Menu 2016 – Term 1

After a review of our menu we have updated the following items in accordance with the Nutrition Australia guidelines.

KT OOSH will be offering wholemeal bread only and removing white bread, heavily processed meats and high sugar cereals from the service. We currently offer cut up fruit and vegetables every afternoon for a snack along with either a sandwich or crackers and cheese.

We have been speaking and gaining feedback from the children over the last couple of weeks and feel we have come up with a range of popular fruit and vegetables for offer so everyone is happy.

Please ensure you take the time to view our menus which are always located in the entrance areas of each block for the term and Vacation Care.

Should your child not be able to consume or does not like menu items then you are required to provide an alternative which can be stored on site where possible or brought each day.

If you have any nutritional snack ideas or input we would love to hear them! Please email us at feedback@ktoosh.com.au

Bookings now open for RHAC April Vacation Care

Click here to view April Vacation Care Programs

Vacation Care Hours: Strictly 7:00am – 6:00pm with late fees accruing after 6:00pm.  If you are running late then please have the courtesy to contact the centre directly on 0434 584 881 to ensure a staff member is able to stay after 6:00pm as this is not always possible.  Late fees apply at a rate of $15/five minute increments/child.

Fees: A lot of time and planning goes into Vacation Care and therefore last minute requests cannot always be accommodated due to staffing, logistics or supply issues.  This being the case please be aware of the current Vacation Care & Staff Development Day Fee structure:

Early Bird Rate – $52.00/day/child

Casual Rate – $62.00/day/child

Emergency Rate – $66.00/day/child

Breakfast: During Vacation Care Periods is from 7:00am – 8:00am.  Cereal and juice are the only options with toast and fruit being served with morning tea at approximately 9:30am.

Children’s Daily Requirements: HATS, CLOSED in SHOES (no thongs), DRINK BOTTLE & a Back Pack or Bag.  Keep your child sun smart and do not send them in sleeveless tops.

Slushies: Available throughout the holidays for $1 with a maximum of 2/child/day.