2013 Re-enrolment Reminder

You should have already re-enrolled your child for care in 2013. If you have not done so your position with the service has been closed effective from the last day of Term 4, 2012 and given to any families on the waiting list.

 We are currently in the process of emailing 2013 care confirmations to re-enrolled families and over the next few weeks will continue sending finalization of care emails to those who will not be using the service in 2013.

 If you are hoping to use the service 2013 we are holding enrollment interviews on Wednesdays at the service throughout Term 4. Appointments are required and can be made via email enquiries@ktoosh.com.au

Sun Safe in the Summer School Holiday Program

Please remember it can be very hot in January and sun protection is a major concern at KT OOSH. Children need to be dressed appropriately for the school holiday programs. Shoulders should be covered, hats worn every day and enclosed shoes are a must. 

With summer fast approaching we all need to work together to protect ourselves against the suns harmful rays. The following information can be found on the NWS health website www.health.nsw.gov.au

Parents need to encourage their children to:

  • Seek shade between peak UV times (10am to 3pm during daylight savings)
  • Wear sun protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible, especially shoulders, arms and legs
  • Wear a broad-brimmed hat to protect the face, ears and neck
    • Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside or swimming, and re-apply every two hours
    • Wear sunglasses that fit well and wrap around the face.

 Australian culture involves a great deal of recreational activity, so parents really need to consider ways to reduce sun exposure to their children when playing outside.

Plan to be outdoors before 11am or after 3pm in daylight saving time. Between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, the sun is at its strongest and the risk of skin damage is at its highest.

In conjunction with other sun protection measures – such as clothing, hats and sunscreen – shade is your best option for keeping your skin safe. Avoiding direct sunlight and opting for shade, such as trees or shelters, is one of the most effective ways of reducing sun exposure.

It is also important to remember that you can never be too young to don a pair of UV protection sunglasses. Damage to the eye caused by ultra-violet radiation can cause vision impairment and, in some cases, blindness. Cancer can also develop on the surface of the eye and surrounding tissue. Try to choose a pair of sunglasses that block out 100% of UV for the best protection.

The NSW Cancer Council works closely with NSW Health on sun protection issues

Updated Behaviour Policy

KT OOSH have recently reviewed and updated our behavioral policy to ensure the safety of not only your child at the service but all staff and children on site. Please read the updated policy below.

 Behavioural Guidelines

Children who are enrolled with the service are expected to adhere to the following behavioural guidelines:

  • Follow directions given by staff and be respectful at all times
  • Listen and be responsive to others, especially staff
  • Interact safely with others at the service
  • Appropriately play in small and large groups
  • Communicate their needs with others
  • Complies with all rules at the service
  • Treat all equipment and resources with care
  • Understands they are never to leave the service unless with a guardian
  • Never display violent or aggressive behaviour towards anyone at the service
  • Swearing, spitting, hitting or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated at the service

Failure to comply with behavioural guidelines

When a child is not adhering to the established guidelines, management and staff at the service will follow the procedure below:

  1. Offer the child a ‘warning’. Explain to the child why they are not to behave in that manner.
  2. If the child continues unacceptable behaviour, staff are to redirect them to another activity or play situation until desirable behaviour is displayed
  3. The incident must be documented in the daily communication book or child’s behavioural book (if applicable)
  4. Should the child that displayed the undesirable behaviour not have a current behaviour book then one will be started immediately and that sessions incident will be the first recording in it.
  5. Staff are to discuss the undesirable behaviour that was displayed by the child with the child’s parent or guardian confidentially upon collection at the end of the attended session

Violent, aggressive or harmful behaviour

 If a child displays violent, aggressive or harmful behaviour towards themselves, other children, staff at the service or visitors, the following procedure will be put into action.

  1. Staff will immediately intervene in the behaviour and attempt to stop the action before harm occurs
  2. The child will be removed from the situation. If it is deemed necessary staff may need to restrain the child in order to remove them in a safe manner. Staff are not to put their own safety at risk but also aim to protect all children at the service
  3. If not already onsite staff will contact the service director ASAP advising them of the situation and how the behaviour was managed
  4. Either the service director or supervisor will contact the child’s parents informing them of the situation and how the behaviour was managed. Parents are required to collect their child within 30 minutes of the phone call made from KTOOSH Services
  5. The child while waiting for their guardian will remain excluded until the child is collected to ensure the behaviour does not occur again and no risk is posed to that child, other children, staff or visitors
  6. Upon collection of the child, staff will further discuss the displayed behaviour and explain that the director will be in contact with them to organize a meeting to discuss the incident.  Until the meeting occurs, KT OOSH Services has the right to suspend a child’s care if deemed necessary.

NOTE:  If the behaviour displayed injured another child, staff member or visitor to the centre which resulted in first aid treatment and the parents cannot collect the child within the 30 minute time frame once contacted then to ensure the child’s safety and that of all others at the service KT OOSH Services has the right to contact the local police for further assistance.

 Suspension of care

 If a child behaves in a way that poses a risk of harm to themselves, other children, staff or visitors to the centre, management reserve the right to issue a suspension of care for  period of up to one week. During the initial follow up meeting from the incident, should management feel a suspension of care is warranted due to the undesirable behaviour displayed then KT OOSH Services will endeavor to gain additional assistance from the appropriate organizations to help care for this child if need be during the suspension period. 

Upon the end of the suspension period another meeting with management, parents/guardians and child will be held to discuss the conditions in which care will recommence. If management feels satisfied with the outcome of this discussion, suspension will be lifted. If not, the suspension may continue until management feel that the parents/guardians have taken the appropriate steps to aid the child in rectifying the undesirable behaviour. Steps may include assistance from KTOOSH Services, suggesting parents/guardians seek advice from professional organizations and implementing strategies at home.

 Termination of care 

Termination of care is the last step that KT OOSH Services will implement. 

  1. The behaviour policy has been followed and the parents were notified that this is the first warning towards termination of care and is documented via email at the conclusion of the meeting. A yellow behaviour card will also be placed in the child’s behaviour book.
  2. The behaviour policy has been followed and the parents were notified that this is the second and final warning towards termination of care and again documented via email at the conclusion of the meeting. An orange behaviour card will also be placed in the child’s behaviour book.
  3. On the third instance Termination of care is effective immediately. A red behaviour card will also be placed in the child’s behaviour book.


NOTE:             Dependent on the severity of the incidents that have occurred will be dependent on the time frame between each warning being issued but not being less than one week between warnings

If the incident were of significant violence to themselves, other children, staff or visitors to the centre then this would result in instant termination of care.  Instant termination of care would include violent behaviour resulting in significant damage or destruction of property as well. 

Significant is defined by threatening or violent behaviour towards a particular person or thing.  This may include verbal or physical threats, which may also involve additional items used as weapons.

April School Holiday Operating Hours

KTOOSH Services at IBRPS-

  • Will be closed on Good Friday (29th March 2013), Easter Monday (1st April, 2013)   and Anzac Day (Thursday 25th April, 2013)
  • The April School holiday program will be operating from Monday 15th April up to and including Tuesday 30th April 2013. (7am to 6pm).
  • Children return to school on Wednesday 1st May 2013
  • Please note – Ironbark Ridge PS have two pupil free days at the beginning of Term 2, 2013.
  • April 2013 IBPS Program

KT OOSH Services at OLA –

  • Will be closed from 6pm on Friday 12th April 2013 and re-open on Monday 29th April 2013.
  • Children return to school Monday 29th April, 2013

KT OOSH Services at RHAC –

  • Pupil Free Day at RHAC on Thursday 28th March 2013. Vacation Care will be operating on site in A Block. There will be a variety of activities available. Please email care@ktoosh.com.au to book your spot.
  • Will be closed on Good Friday (Friday 29th March 2013), Easter Monday (Monday 1st April 2013) and Anzac day (Thursday 25th April 2013)
  • The April School holiday program will be operating at Rouse Hill Anglican College from Monday 15th April up to and including Friday 26th April 2013.
  • Children return to school on Monday 29th April 2013
  • April 2013 RHAC Program

We would love to hear your feedback about our school holiday programs. Any ideas or suggestions please email us at care@ktoosh.com.au