Accounting Information

Email address for Accounts –  / (02) 8814 7610

KT OOSH have set up a designated email address and office phone number for all account and invoicing enquiries.

Invoices are all being sent out automatically at the beginning of each month to pay for care attended in the previous month.

If you are not receiving your monthly fee invoice please contact our accounts department urgently. Unless we receive a bounce back email we do not know that you haven’t received it and therefore do not investigate / resend your invoice.

Please remember invoices need to be paid by due dates to avoid a late payment fee.

KT OOSH Receipts

Parents will also receive receipts every month. These receipts will be emailed on the same day (just before) your invoices are emailed.

You will need to review your receipt to ensure all payments you have made within the same invoicing period have been applied to your account correctly.

If you do find any errors please email immediately. Credit claims must be lodged within 7 days.

Late Account Payment Fee

Effective from 1st December, 2012 KT OOSH have began to implement a $10 late payment fee. This policy was always standard with KT OOSH, however it was never enforced until last year.

If your account remains unpaid after the due date a $10 late payment fee will be applied. If payment cannot be made by due dates, please contact KT OOSH to discuss payment options.