Cobar… How we can KT OOSH make a difference!!!!!

With water restrictions already in force it is going to be an extremely hard time for our small outback town of Cobar.

You can make a difference in several ways………….

Purchase a Cow for $10.00 or a Calf for $5.00, or both!

Simply email your centre email and request one for your child/ren.  Please state if your would like a Cow or a Calf.  Your donation will be added to your account and charged in the following billing cycle.  Once purchased, a Cow or Calf will be sent to the centre with your child/ren’s name on them to colour in, write their name and place it up on the display.  We are aiming to sell over 500 cows and 500 calves but are not even half way there yet. This week the centre’s will be starting a tally chart so you can see for yourself how we are tracking.

Return and Earn Program!

Look for our Farmers Display in your centre and the Return & Earn bins are under the display.  Please leave all Return & Earn collections of cans & bottles in the tubs under the display.

Annual Fund Raising Event!

During October 2019 Vacation Care we will be running our Annual fundraiser with Cobar being our Charity again this year. Look out for the upcoming vacation care program and book into the charity day for lots of fun and adventure.

Help our farmers and dig deep, it maybe you that needs our help one day……….

2020 Re-Enrolments & Sibling Enrolments

We are currently streamlining this process, trying to make it as simple and convenient as we can for families.

If you have a sibling commencing in 2020 and they will require Before/After School or Vacation Care then please send your expression of interest through to your centre email NOW so we can ensure a spot is secured.

With the new QKEnrol program being implemented in October, you will be able to create your enrolment directly online and be prompted with any missing information but we will require your expression of interest emailed through first so you are placed as a priority and advised when you can go online and do your sibling enrolment. The new enrolment process online will give you piece of mind that you have supplied all the information we require.

New families to the service will have access to QKEnrol direct from our website to create enrolments from October 2019 and if we do not have an expression of interest emailed to us prior then these enrolments will take precedence.

For existing children of KT OOSH, there will be no need to re-enrol as any change of booking patterns required can be done through the new app from October 2019. Your existing bookings will roll over into 2020 unless you advise us otherwise. Further information around this will be sent out over the coming weeks.

New Winter Food Menu

From last Monday we are trialing a new food catering company for afternoon tea snacks and so far the children seem to like it.

All meals are freshly prepared from scratch everyday and of nutritional value. These meals are evaluated by qualified nutritionist to meet current requirements ie. Eat Smart, Play Smart & Munch and Move.
The menu will change according to the children’s feedback whilst still ensuring a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals are offered. There is even signature hidden vegetable dishes for fussy eaters.

We would love to continue to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please email

QK ENROL is coming Oct 2019……

Currently all families email their center email to request casual bookings, make changes to permanent bookings or update their personal details.

Come October 2019, that will be a thing of the past! You will be able to do all of this through your MyFamily Lounge App, where you currently see your children’s Journals for the day. You may see the function there at the moment but it is not currently active, we will forward a separate email and place notification on our Facebook page when the new booking system is up and running. Once active, you will be able to update your contact details, make casual bookings (if there is availability) or request changes to permanent schedules quickly and easily on your mobile or PC.

IRPS October 2019 VC Program

The October Vacation Care Program will be out by the end of this week. Please keep an eye out on our website and for signage at the centre. The link below will also be activated once the program is released for your convenience.

IRPS Vacation Care Program 2019

Booking for Vacation Care is easy, just email your requested days to and you will receive a confirmation of the days booked.

Our Vacation Care services run across the road from OLA at Ironbark Ridge Primary School. If you haven’t used this service before, you can be rest assured that a large amount of the OLA children attend, as well as some of our OLA educators work there during the holidays.

Please encourage your children to continue to provide feedback to the educators about their vacation care experiences. Parent vacation care surveys have also been a great resource in the planning process so thank you if you have been providing this feedback.

Assessment & Rating Process

We have been advised that we will be receiving a visit from our Regulatory Authority this week whom will be conducting an Assessment & Rating of our centre.

The assessment and rating process allows us the chance to show how well we compare to the benchmarks set by the National Quality Standard.

During the visit they will get all the evidence needed to assess and rate our centre.

This includes:

  • observing – what children, families, educators, co-ordinators are doing
  • discussing – why and how certain practices happen at the service with educators and staff
  • sighting – the documents that are in place to support the practices at your service required by the National Law and National Regulations

After the visit we will receive a draft assessment and rating report. This includes:

  • an overall rating
  • ratings for each individual quality area
  • information about any elements of the NQS that were not met
  • any non-compliances with the National Law or National Regulations
  • improvement notes

You can find our current Assessment and Rating in our Sign in Area.  We are really looking forward to this process which will give us some valuable feedback of where we can improve our service for our families and the community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with any of the Educators at the centre or email them to