Online Observation Programming

Effective from Term 4, 2015 KT OOSH will be offering an online observation & programming system. Educators have been trialling and learning to use this system throughout Term 3 and we are going to have this available to parents to access from Term 4, 2015.

Parents will be emailed all log on information (individual Usernames and Passwords). You will be able to log on to see photos we have uploaded of your children at KT OOSH along with any written observations documented by Educators.

In the 2016 Re-Enrolment forms, Parents will need to sign consent for Educators to take and upload photos into this system

Please be aware this is a private system and only KT OOSH parents with Usernames and Passwords will be able to access this site.

Recycle Craft Items!

At KT OOSH we are going to be making various craft items over the next few weeks. If you have any of the following empty & clean recyclable items at home we would love you to donate to KT OOSH. Items can be given to Educators at KT OOSH.

  • Egg cartons
  • Bottle Lids
  • Old CDs 
  • Old pegs 
  • Glass jars

2016 Enrolments

2016 Re-Enrolments 

In order to secure care for 2016, parents are required to complete & submit a 2016 Re-Enrolment form. This form can be downloaded from the KT OOSH website and needs to be submitted to the service by email or dropping into Educators at the service. Re-Enrolment forms are required by Friday 18th Sept 2015 (The last day of Term 3, 2015).

Kindy Siblings starting with KT OOSH in 2016

If you have another child starting kindergarten in 2016, you are required to complete and submit a 2016 Enrolment form. As per above these are located on the website and can be returned via email or handed in to Educators at KT OOSH. We open up enrolments to families new to the school in Term 4, so please submit 2016 Enrolment forms by Friday 18th Sept 2016 (The last day of Term 3, 2015)

Staff will be confirming care for 2016 over the holiday break.

Please note – If you are unsure of what your childcare need will be in 2016, we suggest you take your best guess and then in Jan 2016, at least two weeks before school goes back, you will need to email and adjust care at this point.

Forms also available by clicking here..

2016 Enrolment Form V2.1

2016 Re-Enrolment Form v1.4



April 2016 Vacation Care Programs now available!!

KT OOSH Vacation Care @ IRPS ~

Mon 11th April – Fri 22nd April + Pupil Free Day Tue 26th April 2016

 IRPS April 2016 VC Program

PLEASE NOTE: KT OOSH Ironbark Ridge PS is closed Anzac Day Mon 25th April 2016

 KT OOSH Vacation Care @ RHAC ~

Mon 11th April – Fri 22nd April

RHAC April 2016 VC Program

PLEASE NOTE: KT OOSH Rouse Hill Anglican College is closed Anzac Day Mon 25th April 2016 and Term 2 resumes Tuesday 26th April 2016