Book now to get your Early Bird Rates……

Have piece of mind that should the current lockdown continue and you do not wish to send your child due to the current health advise then simply mark them absent and pay nothing.

All bookings for enrolled families to attend the September 2021 Vacation Care are booked via your “My Family Lounge” app on your smart phone.  Bookings via the app are instant and based on availability, simple and easy.  By making a booking now, you will secure the Early Bird Rates should you normally have your children attend vacation care.

A lot of time and planning has to go into Vacation Care and more so due to our current circumstances.  This is why we are asking parents to book in early as last minute requests cannot always be accommodated due to purchasing/hiring of activities as well as staffing and logistics.

Please be aware that once a booking has been made then it is confirmed however have piece of mind that should the current lockdown in place continue and you wish to keep your children home due to health advise then you simply mark them absent and no fees will be payable nor will the absence count towards your 42 allowable absences per year which is currently waived during the lockdown period. 

Please note:  Should the lockdown be lifted and you simply just change your mind of sending your child or they are sick then all absences will remain payable.

Click on the links below to view the current Vacation Care Programs:

RHAC September 2021 Vacation Care Program

IRPS September 2021 Vacation Care Program

If you are not a currently enrolled family with our service then simply register via the  “My Family Lounge” on our website homepage Once registered, complete the enrolment process and contact Head Office to ensure it has come through and explain you would like to book for the upcoming Vacation Care. 

The respective emails are: – Ironbark Ridge Public School – Rouse Hill Anglican College

If you are a currently enrolled family and you do not remember your username then please contact head office via the respective email and they will re-issue you with your user name.  DO NOT create a new account as this will effect your CCS entitlements. If you do not remember your password simply enter your username and then click forgot password to generate a new one.

Vacation Care Hours: Strictly 7:00am – 6:00pm with late fees accruing after 6:00pm.  If you are running late then please contact the centre directly to ensure a staff member is able to stay after 6:00pm – as this is not always possible.  Late fees apply at a rate of $15.00/five minute increments/child. Absences: Need to be marked accordingly via the “My Family Lounge” app on your smart phone to avoid additional non notification fees.  All absences must be advised via the app if your child/ren are absent for a confirmed session by 10.00am on the day they were due to attend, excursion days notification is required by 8.30am.

Electronic Devices: Due to responses from our recent survey all electronic devices including DS, smart phones, iPads etc will not be allowed at the centre for Vacation Care unless it is a designated device day and this is stated on the program.  Device days have additional measures in place to control any privacy or extended time usage concerns.

Breakfast: During Vacation Care Periods Breakfast is from 7:00am – 8:00am with morning tea at approximately 9:30am.

Children’s Daily Requirements: Please ensure you apply sunscreen to your child prior or upon arrival at KT OOSH. We suggest also a BACK PACK/BAG, a JACKET/JUMPER, HAT, CLOSED in SHOES & Socks and DRINK BOTTLE.