How to book Casual or Emergency Care places

Due to the decrease in availability for AM & PM sessions in all centres it can be difficult for the centres to determine the exact number of available positions whilst caring for the children. This being the case we ask the following:

PM Session ALL Care Requests be emailed through to the respective centres email address regardless if it is for casual care or emergency care.

AM Session Casual requests (care required with more than 24 hours notice) needs to be emailed to the respective centres email address.

AM Session Emergency requests ONLY (care required within 24 hours) can be text through directly to your centres mobile contact numbers.

A Head Office staff member will respond to your email request ASAP.  Should you require an urgent confirmation then please do not hesitate to follow your email request through by calling Head Office on 02 8814 7610 Mon -> Thurs 9:00am – 4:30pm or Fri 9:00am – 2:30pm.



Advise of Absences to avoid additional costs

If you have a permanent or confirmed casual/emergency position and you are aware your child will be absent then it is essential to advise the centre of the child’s absence before the completion of the AM Session, prior to the PM Session commencing or prior to 9:00am during Vacation Care.  This is not to only ensure we have marked them correctly but it is to eliminate undue stress including the safety and well being of the child.

Acknowledgement of your absent advise will be sent back to you:

RHAC OOSH Mobile for texting absences is 0434 584 881

IRPS OOSH Mobile for texting absences is 0428 021 652

OLA OOSH Mobile for texting absences is 0423 420 605 

If a child is absent from a PM session then you will be sent a text stating they have not arrived and a $7.50 non notification/child will be charged to your account.  It is your responsibility to acknowledge the text and reply so we know your child is safe. Non advise of absences for Am Sessions and Vacation Care sessions automatically results in a $7.50 non notification fee being charged to your account and no text will be forwarded.

When dropping your child at the centre of a morning, please ensure an educator acknowledges that your child has arrived otherwise please ensure you let them know by way of a wave or gesture.

April Vacation Care Early Bird Bookings Closing!!!!!!

To book all Vacation Care requirements you will need to email the respective centre you wish to attend with your care requests.  Early Bird Rates have been extended by two days until close of business Friday 31st March so don’t miss out and send your booking requests through ASAP.  Bookings received after Friday 31st March will attract the Casual Rates and only confirmed dependant on availability. 

Ironbark Ridge Public School –

Rouse Hill Anglican College –

Click here to view April Vacation Care Programs:

IRPS Apr VC 2017 Program

RHAC Apr VC 2017 Program

Please note the following:

  • Monday 24th April for IRPS and RHAC is a Staff Development Day and normal before and after school care fees will therefore be payable unless your child/ren have been booked into the Staff Development Care Day Available which operates from 7:00am – 6:00pm.
  • Friday 28th April for OLA is a Staff Development Day and normal before and after school care fees apply.  Unfortunately as a Staff Development Program does not run at OLA then no alternative care will be available.
  • Tuesday 25th April 2017 is the ANZAC DAY public holiday and before and after school care fees are payable for all centres as per the KT OOSH Fees policy and advised in the Parent Information Handbook located on our website

Vacation Care Hours: Strictly 7:00am – 6:00pm with late fees accruing after 6:00pm.  If you are running late then please have the courtesy to contact the centre directly to ensure a staff member is able to stay after 6:00pm as this is not always possible.  Late fees apply at a rate of $15/five minute increments/child.

Fees: A lot of time and planning goes into Vacation Care and therefore last minute requests cannot always be accommodated due to staffing, logistics or supply issues.  This being the case please be aware of the current Vacation Care & Staff Development Day Fee structure:

Early Bird Rate – $54.00 per day per child

Casual Rate – $64.00 per day per child

Emergency Rate – $68.00 per day per child

Breakfast: During Vacation Care Periods Breakfast is from 7:00am – 8:00am.  Cereal and juice are the only options with morning tea at approximately 9:30/10:00am.

Children’s Daily Requirements: HATS, CLOSED in SHOES & Socks, JUMPER, DRINK BOTTLE & a Back Pack/Bag.  Electronics will be allowed everyday with set times throughout the day being allocated for these.

RHAC Dropping and Collecting of children from KT OOSH

Due to the increased volume of cars coming and going before and after school it is imperative that all parents obey the internal road system at the school as they would any normal road.  Upon leaving the KT OOSH site either of a morning or afternoon, both the school and KT OOSH request parents not to disobey the no right turn sign and exit the school via the entry gates.  The normal exit gates up near J/H Block will be open from 6:45am until 6:30pm of an evening and all parents are to exit via these gates only.

Disobeying the internal road system and signage may result in a serious accident and this is something we wish to avoid.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding regarding this matter.

IRPS Dropping and Collecting of children from KT OOSH

Correct entry and exit to the school hall is still a major concern!  All parents are asked to park out the front of the school (obeying all road signs) and enter / exit the school via the front single school gate. In accordance with WHS policies parents ARE NOT permitted to park or walk through the tradesman’s entrance (this is the large double black gates where the commercial bins are located and KT OOSH Staff park).

Parents that fail to follow this request will have their care with KT OOSH jeopardised.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding regarding this matter.