Important Procedures for KT OOSH

To help create a positive, respectful and successful relationship with KT OOSH please read over and be familiar with the information below.

Late Collection Fees Guardians are asked to contact the OOSH Phone if they are going to be late to collect their child. The late fee rate is $10 per child charged in 5 minute increments. Regular lateness will result in termination of care.

Non-Notification Fees – A $5 Non-Notification Fee will be charged to your account, if we are not directly notified of your child being absent from a previously booked session. This fee is also charged when guardian’s fail to advise KT OOSH of requiring a casual care position, prior to the session commencing.

Accounts and Invoicing – Statements are sent via email every 2nd Tuesday with debits occurring the next day, (every 2nd Wednesday). If you believe your statement is incorrect you need to contact the service via email ASAP.

Absences – If your child is going to be absent from a confirmed session guardians must advise via SMS or email (If more then 24hrs notice) to avoid undue stress and a non-notification fee being charged to your account.

Updating Contact Information – It is the responsibility of guardians to ensure that the service is notified of any changes to child health details, contact details or any other relevant information. This can be reported to the service via email.

Special Dietary Requirements – The service must be advised of any child with special dietary requirements or food allergies. It is the responsibility of guardians to provide relevant information, medical items, and alternative meals if necessary. We recommend that meals provided to the service are easy for staff to prepare and similar to what other children at the service will be eating.  It is the guardians responsibility to ensure food items are re-stocked and available at all times.

Children requiring Additional Support – Staff will endeavour to cater for all children that require additional support while at the service. In some circumstances outside support is sought to provide the best possible care for the children. It is the guardians responsibility to contact management in order to discuss their child’s needs.

Welcome to KT OOSH 2015!

Welcome to all the new KT OOSH Families joining us in 2015!

We hope that you and your children settle into their new school and KT OOSH with ease. Starting a new school is a big step for children (and their families!) so if there is anything KT OOSH can do to help with this transition please contact us via email, phone or discussing with Educators on site. We will be more then happy to help!

Please note that all new Kindergarten children are collected from their classrooms for the first 5-6 weeks of school until Educators are confident that children can make their own way to OOSH in the afternoons. When KT OOSH Educators are going to stop collecting children from their classrooms, we will inform guardians via email, in order for guardians to discuss this change with your children.

Additionally, the KT OOSH Office is open from 8am-4:30pm Monday – Friday. Office staff can be contacted via phone (02) 8814 7610 or via email

Head Lice Tips

Head lice are most common among primary school aged children and are spread by direct contact with the hair of the infested individual. Head lice are rarely transferred through clothing, hats, furniture or bedding. For further information on head lice biology, treatment, school program and useful links and contact, see links below.

Winter Wise

With the winter months approaching its time for us all to think about keeping ourselves fit and healthy over the flu season. Please see attached a media report regarding being Winter wise this year.

Winter Wise